A Guide to Meaningful Art Practice


Visual Sketchbooks are a vehicle to channel and fuel your creative journey.

Is your mind whirling with ideas, so much so that you feel paralyzed and don’t know where or how to start? Or is there a part of you that is yearning to get creative but you are afraid that you won’t do it ‘right’?

Well, it might be no mistake that you happen to have landed on this page!

During this course, you will discover a creative, visual way to tap into your creativity and imagination. Using sketchbooks, paints, collage and more,
You will learn how to map your journey and create a ‘guide book’ to help you clarify and make sense of your life.

Creative sketchbooks are a place to record and hold new ideas emerging within us.

A place for dream-tending, for freeing the imagination, gaining clarity and making space to nurture ourselves in healthy, non judgmental ways.

Whether you believe you are ‘not good at art’ or are an artist feeling stuck and
looking for a fresh approach, this process will free you up in a
non threatening way, reminding you how to create with joy instead of fear.
On completion you will take away practical and meaningful ways to document and progress in your ongoing creative practice.

What are visual sketchbooks and why use one?

  • They are a colorful visual container for your life
  • A way for your creativity to flourish without judgement
  • A safe place where we learn to listen to what our heart longs for and give voice
    to our deepest dreams
  • A place where ideas emerge, where we learn what inspires us or drains us
  • Where healing unfolds
  • Where breakthroughs happen
  • Where we connect with our purpose using paint, collage, photography and writing
  • A place to contain your messy fun!

Who is it for?

  •  For those wanting to let go of self-doubt and the inner critic, to make way for their own unique creative voice
  • For those that need permission to be themselves
  • Who need to loosen up their creative process
  • Who need space and clarity
  • For those going through life transitions
  • Who love to create but are anxious to do it right or afraid of judgement
  • Those that are stuck with creative blocks or limiting beliefs
  • Who want to develop a daily creative practice
  • Those interested in expressing themselves creatively, whether they consider themselves an artist or not
  • Those looking for ways to problem solve and make progress on their goals
  • And who love to have fun with paint!

Frequently Asked Questions

Visual Sketchbooks is an online 4 week course. On registration you will be emailed with your private access code. You will receive 4 weekly lessons complete with video, tutorial, prompts and inspiration. 

The self paced version of Visual Sketchbooks allows you to go through the modules in your own time. There is therefore no live component or formal means of feedback. Including the Artists in Action add on will give you access to the membership community which includes 24/7 access to me as your coach, where I offer guidance, encouragement and feedback as you work through the modules.

You can get going immediately once you receive your access code via email. If you are purchasing the package that includes the Artists in Action membership, then you will be slotted into the start of the 4 week next session, of which you will be advised.

Reading the weekly material and watching the short video will take no more than 20 minutes. My intention is that they are informative and inspirational not lengthy and long winded! You can spend as much time on your pages as you wish. Whilst I highly recommend committing to doing something daily, it can be as little as 15 minutes a day. But more likely you will need to put on some limitations to stop yourself!

One of the benefits is that over the 4 week period of the course you will have established a habit of creating daily.

There are no ‘have to’s’ in this course! You are going to do what works for you. I will give you many different ideas and inspiration that you are free to use or not. The idea of writing is that you can ‘unearth’ so much more as you process (by using the written hand), what you are discovering. I show you helpful ways to overcome any writing blocks.

For a limited time I am offering the self paced version of Visual Scketchbooks absolutely FREE! Everyone deserves to have the opportunity to discover their creativity and the healing and revelation it can bring and I want to make this possible for you all! Just register below for the “0.00 dollars” self paced option where you are free to complete the modules in your own time. Alternatively, if you would like support, guidance and feedback, choose the add-on option where you will get 4 weeks inside the walls of Artists in Action. You will be able to ‘check-in’ daily, report on your process and receive encouragement and feedback every step of the way.

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