Ahh… my two loves: art and travel If there are two things I love it’s traveling and creating. And even more fun is being able to combine the two. In my post below, I’m going to show you how you can incorporate creativity into your travels. At the bottom, I have created a neat PDF for you to download with ideas, ‘what to pack’ list’s + prompts for adding a written record of your image and location + other tips to set you on your creative way!

Those of you that have done some travelling will I am sure agree with me that there are many incredible places to be discovered, be it different cultures, ancient buildings, glorious mountains, white sandy beaches, the list could go on.
When I am visiting somewhere, I take in the scene savoring it all and confident that ‘this I will never forget’. But so often, when I get back to the rush and routines of normal life the holiday seems like a lifetime away and the memories slowly but surely start to fade.

If you know me you know that I take my camera everywhere with me. So, even though I havn’t included it in the PDF, to me it is a given: you take your camera when you go away on a trip. So why not just take a photo to keep those precious memories alive?

Whilst taking travel photos is one way to keep memories alive, it does not compare with actually ‘doing the work’. What I mean by this is, imagine having to study for an exam. One way is to read the material but a far more effective way is using your other senses to create a far more embodied experience. Like writing up sticky notes and posting them on your wall, listening to a recording of the words you have read or even better seeing it presented as a video with images,and then if applicable actually using your hands to make or recreate the study will hugely increase your chances of remembering what you need to.

So in the same way, if we can experience a place far more deeply by focusing not only on the sights but on the sounds and kinetic acts of physically painting or drawing it too. What rich memories we will leave embedded in our brains!


But you may ask, how can I fit all my art gear into my bags! Well we will keep it simple. The idea is not to create a masterpiece, after all who needs stress on a holiday, right? We are just wanting to create a spontaneous impression keeping those creative juices flowing. The trick is to find a small bag or pouch and pop into it your tools and sketchbook (A5 size is perfect!).

There are plenty of mediums to choose from, like sketching with graphite or colored pencil, taking along a little watercolor set, even using collage materials with acrylic/craft paints.


But lets not discard our photography altogether. The idea here is to go deeper with your photos. While overall landscapes and scenes have their place why not also get close up. Take some detailed shots, even abstract shots that will spark your imagination long after you’re back home. This together with the prompts I’ve included in the PDF will go along way to creating those deep seated memories I was talking about.

To add to the whole experience why not take the page opposite your artwork (or on the same page!) to do some journaling about your trip. The PDF has some great prompts to get you going.

So I hope this has inspired you to keep up the creativity. You don’t need to stop creating just because you are away from home. You will be amazed at the vivid memories that come back to you even years later when paging through your precious travel notebook!

I’d love to hear some comments below as to how YOU travel and create together and if you have some pictures to show pleeeze tag me #JocelynFriis

For a detailed packing list download the PDF below.

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