I got to a point in my life where I felt like nothing was working.

I was trying to get to my art each day but to no avail. I dreamed of starting a business where I could use my talents and share my gifting with the world. But I just couldn’t see a way of bringing it all together. I was starting to lose hope of ever seeing my dream a reality. After all the clock was ticking…..

Don’t get me wrong, I felt blessed in many areas of my life. I had a loving family (still do!) and was fortunate to be living in one of the most beautiful and stable countries of the world – New Zealand. But somehow there was a part of me that was not fulfilled. Deep down I knew I was here to serve others and I knew it revolved around my core creative passions.

Because of the busyness of my life I found it so hard to get into my studio. Yet I longed for it. I could not understand why I didn’t just make time. I knew I needed it. Looking back I now realize that it was not just a time issue. There were many other things stopping me.

Fear of having to show what I was doing.

Resistance to giving things a go in case they were not ‘good enough.

Blocks of not knowing what I ACTUALLY wanted to create.

Plus many more challenges that would take too long for me to go into here!

It was only through a series of fortuitous events that I was able to progress past this paralysis. It was not a quick fix mind you, It took place over a number of years and still continues to this day. With the help of a supportive like minded community and a coach to guide me, I was able to get to where I am today, with a successful business selling my art and coaching wonderful artists that want to follow their dreams.

Because I value community, encouragement, and support in getting things done (accountability!) so highly myself, it was a given that I would want to provide this for you, my treasured tribe. And so the “Artists in Action” community is being born… as we speak!

A community where you can

  • explore new avenues of your art
  • create daily to find your consistent style
  • feel safe enough to give things a go
  • develop friendships within a small group environment (up to 12 people)
  • have a stepping stone to get your work out into the world
  • build a portfolio
  • take action when it comes to marketing your work
  • finish what you started
  • be accountable

Oh and did I mention that you will have DAILY access to me and my coaching.

So are you ready to do what’s important?

Are you ready to start taking your art career seriously and start on the creative road you have always wanted to?

Are you ready to step into living the life you were created for, to explore what gems of talent hide within you?

To share your creativity with the world? To make a difference?

And above all to take action and get it done?

Coming up soon, I’ll have a webinar available where I’ll give you a more detailed overview and you’ll have the opportunity to ask me any questions you have.

In the meantime, I’d love you to sign up on the waiting list where you will be first in line when the doors open for registration. (+ there’ll be a great discount for my founding members!)

I can’t wait to see you on the other side!


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