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Are you yearning for a more meaningful life?

Can you identify what really matters to you?

Is it time to start living a life of purpose, meaning and fulfillment?

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Learn how to align your thoughts and your actions with your intentions, creating a fulfilling life where you make personal meaning every day.

The Life Purpose Discovery Course is a complete program for changing your life. You will learn what it means to “make meaning” and you’ll get a clear picture of how to translate your values into a life purpose vision that you can put into action immediately.

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  • 8 weeks to a more meaningful life!

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Creating a more meaningful life is essential for anyone, especially for creative people. If you have creative tendencies then it’s likely your thoughts are ‘all over the place’ and you try to do everything at once. At LPDC you’ll learn how to organize your thoughts and structure your days so you can start living a life that is true to your authentic self.

Life Purpose Discovery Course will take you step by step from dreaming about a more meaningful life to living it.

There are people all over the world who suffer from depression, who cannot see meaning in their life and many who are simply going through the motions, keeping themselves busy, in order to avoid their reality. Many have become disheartened and struggle with the sense that there must be more to life than what they’re experiencing. Does any of that sound like you?

If you’re feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled, you have found yourself in just the right place!

Inside the Life Purpose Discovery Course you’ll find a complete program to help you regain your power, passion, and direction, where you will learn how to connect the dots between your desires, dreams, values and intentions AND move forward in an actionable way.

This course is for you if any of these resonate:

• Bored, lost, fed up or frustrated
• Life feels meaningless and empty
• Life is full but still feels meaningless
• You need to bring in the money but your job is unfulfilling
• You’re creative but don’t know how to work it into your purpose
• You’ve lost interest in what you thought was a meaningful direction
• You feel unsure of what your purpose is in the world
• You feel trapped in your day to day life
• You’re at a crossroads and not sure what to do next
• You are making money and working hard at it too but know that there’s more to life than money
• You want to make a difference but don’t know where to start
• You know your life purpose but struggle to live it

Deep down you know you want more out of life but you feel paralyzed to do anything about it.

You need to learn how to meet your meaning problems with meaning solutions, whether you are bored and just going through the motions, you’ve got a dream but can’t seem to follow through with it, or you feel overwhelmed by the tasks you’ve set and feel like time is slipping away.

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose”

Robert Byrne

If you are lacking in motivation, questioning your direction, and generally wondering what life’s really all about, then it’s time for you to find a way to make meaning in your life!

You need look no further!

The Life Purpose Discover Course will show you a way to put more of YOU into your life, all based around your values and discovering your meaning opportunities.

What you can expect

• 8 weeks of guided exploration! We’ll be using, as the text for this class , Eric Maisel’s book Life Purpose Boot Camp.
• You will be lead through the following ideas
– creating meaning opportunities
– upgrading your personality
– dealing with your circumstances
– naming your life purposes
– creating your life purpose statement
– creating your life purpose icon/symbol
– living your life purposes

• A safe online membership area to work through the course
• Opportunity to engage in helpful creative activities
• Daily support in organizing your thoughts, so you can emerge with clarity and focused purpose

What you’ll come away with

• You’ll learn how to actively organize your day around your most meaningful activities.
• You’ll have a clear vision of your creative life.
• You’ll learn ways to counter negative self-talk
• You’ll get direct results in the advancement of personal life goals.
• You’ll learn ways to think about and structure your life purpose, with tangible results
• You’ll gather your thoughts into a life purpose statement
• You’ll have mastered techniques for recalling and living your meaning making opportunities.
• You’ll have the tools to deal with fear and resistance.

Flexible start dates!

Your 8 week membership into the Artist’s in Action community will commence from a date of your choosing. More details in your welcome email, upon enrollment.

Price in USD

  • 8 weeks to a more meaningful life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course only for 'creatives'?
This course is for anyone serious about discovering a life of purpose. There will be some optional creative activities to add to the experience but nothing that requires “artistic talent”.

Are there any further course fees?
The only extra requirement will be to purchase Eric Maisel’s ‘Life Purpose Boot Camp’ book so you can follow along with the syllabus.

How much support will I get?
Daily support and feedback from me will be available to you in our private membership area. You will also be able to post and comment alongside the other participants.

My life is pretty busy. Is there homework?
Each week you will be asked to think about and write short a response from the prompt questions. Nothing is forced upon you but in order to see results, you will need to do the work. To help you, we offer an optional accountability system, where you can check in each day to keep you focused.

What if I change my mind?
If you wish to withdraw within the first week of the course, your fee can go towards any other of NewCreationz courses or coaching packages.

Have any more questions? Contact me below.

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