If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced” – Vincent Van Gogh

I love that quote for many reasons. But the biggest thing that stands out for me is how so many of us have quit art making for the simple reason that we don’t feel we are good enough.

But is that really what art is all about?

If we think about ancient cave paintings and tribal art that has been discovered, we can see that it was all about communicating, telling a story, not about how accurate or realistic the image was. It was more about expressing facets of their life.

That seems to have been overtaken by our modern thinking of fancy fine art placed in exclusive galleries, fetching a fat price. I think it is a shame that one needs to fit into a category to be called an artist.

I truly believe that we are all creatives, it’s just that many have buried it deep down, and are afraid to venture there. Perhaps we were told growing up that we had no talent, or were told not to ‘waste time’ doing art.

Well I want to tell you that there is a safe, non-judgmental, liberating and joy filled way to approach art. And thats where Freedom Flow Painting comes in.

Its a way to paint that focus’ on the process rather than the final product.
* We look on the canvas as a place to express our feelings, to intuitively paint from within.
* No preplanning, just spontaneously choosing colours and making marks.
* Without any pressure to produce a master piece, you will experience a freedom, a letting go and some pretty amazing revelations that can transfer to your daily life.

I’ve been facilitating group art sessions locally for a while now and I want to give others further afield the opportunity to participate in 1:1 sessions via video chat/skype. It will be an honor to lead you through a process that I know will be a liberating experience for you.

Here’s what someone has to say:

Here’s what one participant has to say:
Jocelyn’s gentle approach, whilst introducing each art activity, has alleviated any angst I may have been feeling with each new task. Expressing creativity through art median has been a journey into unchartered waters for me and I am grateful for the competency Jocelyn demonstrates, in her facilitator role, as she encourages all ‘on board’ to explore new territorities at our own pace and allow individual expression .

Trish B


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