Do you wake up in the morning jumping out of bed, excited to face the day and what it might bring, or do you bury your head under the pillow, dreading doing the same old, same old?

If you are bored or feeling depressed at having to do the same thing day in and day out it might be time for you to make a few changes in your life.

We all need discipline and order in our lives that help us feel productive and secure but sometimes the routines we create turn into ruts without us even realizing it, bringing us to the point of feeling trapped, bored and joyless. So while it’s certainly true that routines are helpful, (and I’m a big advocate on getting positive habits set in place), they can also, if they are not so helpful habits, limit our progress and joy in life.

Whilst we can recognize and acknowledge how we are feeling we might feel helpless to get out of the deep rut we find ourselves in. One of the big reasons we get stuck in routines is that it felt comfortable in the beginning, but the more ingrained the rut becomes, the more we tend to get dissatisfied with our comfort zone. The helplessness we feel is usually related to fear. It can be scary to break the mold, to give up things, or to overcome our limiting mindsets.

If you find doing the same thing day after day is sapping your energy and enthusiasm, adjusting things in small steps can open the door to a more spontaneous and fulfilling life.

It’s not so important how much you do, but how you go about it. It’s better to tackle one problem at a time, rather than trying to go all out and radically change your whole life. Not only is this likely to overwhelm you, but it could also make you reluctant to truly make a change.

Moving on in life, however, requires us to break existing structures from time to time. So examine your routines. Become aware of how you feel going through your day. When you’ve completed a healthy routine, there’s a sense of satisfaction. With ruts, you’re more likely to have a sense of helplessness or frustration.

So my question to you is “Is it time?”

Time to bring the joy back into your life, time to spend at least some of your day in meaning making activities. You’ll know what those are for you, but some ideas could be something as simple as taking a soul-filling walk in the mornings, trying out new recipes for dinner, putting your hand to some new creative activity or class, or even making time to read a good book.

It helps us to discover something new, surprising and exciting by expanding our horizons.

Is the time right for you to bring some spontaneous excitement back into your life?

If you’d like to walk this journey together with me as your coach, I would be honored to help you make the changes that could set you in a new purpose-filled direction starting today! You can contact me through the form below.

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