Living your purpose. It’s not a one time fix to a blissful life. It’s a day by day journey, with the usual ups and downs. The fears, the doubts, the overwhelm.

I would love to be able to tell you that every day I wake up, I am ready to jump out of bed, knowing exactly what I have planned for the day and that it’s going to totally align with my value based purposes, which will bring meaning and joy to my life. Well no… some days I flounder. I wonder what I should really be doing to make a difference. I second guess what I thought I enjoyed. I get into a big muddle and end up paralyzed.

BUT, there are good days too. These are the times when I have a clear vision, when my day is organized and pointed in the direction of my goals, and when I am able to counter the negative voices within and deal with the fear and resistance.

I have learnt to be aware and I have learnt to work with my personality and my circumstances of where I’m at.

Whilst some people have one major guiding purpose that runs throughout their life, there can be more subtle ways of adding to that purpose by making small daily impacts on the world around us.

Making meaning doesn’t have to be one massive goal. The big purposes are easy enough to recognize… volunteering at a local center, heading up a charity, or taking on any number of ‘good works’. But it’s the small purposes making up every moment of our lives that are just as important, like…. tending your garden, feeding the birds, meeting up with a friend, or just smiling at a passer-by. These all add up to living a meaningful life.

What we find as meaningful is very personal. It is influenced by our own personality, temperament, belief system, and values.

So each of us will have our unique idea of what is really important and meaningful to us. Sometimes we need to redefine ourselves in our current here and now. Just because an old purpose through a certain job or raising a family is no longer relevant doesn’t mean that life itself is no longer relevant. Through our present desires and motivations we can actively discover meaning, and create a path of purpose.

If you’d like to get to a place where you not only know your purpose and values, but you’ve learnt how to live those purposes daily with a clear vision and mastered the tools to managing the interruptions that come along with every life’s circumstances, then I encourage you to join me in the new LIFE PURPOSE DISCOVERY COURSE, starting April 24th.

You’ll find it especially beneficial if you are questioning your direction, lacking in motivation and generally wondering what life’s really all about.

It involves 8 weeks of discovery, identifying and articulating your life purposes, and learning not only how to make personal meaning, but living it as well.

Registrations are open now with a special early bird price, saving you $100! 

You’ll find more details here and if you have any questions or comments, touch base below or contact me through my contact form.

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