Did you have good intentions for 2016? Perhaps getting started on a creative path, starting a creative business or making important decisions about how to implement your many ideas?

I know how it goes only too well. We have every intention of setting up and following a daily creative practice, or making progress in some way or another. But there is where it stops. Why?

Well, one of the main reasons is because we are scared. We are afraid of the next step and so we procrastinate. You might know what you need to do but if you let your resistance rule, it can slowly (or quickly) ruin your dreams.

We rarely overcome our fear by making ourselves take giant leaps. Big steps are scary.

It’s the small steps that allow you to chip away at the fear and even find joy along the way.

So if you are heading towards the end of 2016 and you are feeling frustrated/sad/helpless at not having achieved much of what you intended, I invite you to come along and join the community at Artists in Action.

Specifically for creatives, you’ll get clear on your goals, start taking ACTION, and set yourself up for success in 2017!

You will learn how to

  • Stop spinning your wheels,
  • Work less and get more done
  • Determine your Very Important Project and focus on that
  • Work in short sprints so as to avoid the overwhelm
  • Become more resilient, so that set backs don’t become set in stone
  • Build up the habits that will overrule your Resistance 
  • Overcome the “busy all the time and getting nothing done” syndrome.
  • Focus on your passion and where you want to go with it

If you are feeling overwhelmed and confused with too much to do, Artists in Action will not increase your workload. It will show you how you can achieve more in small daily increments.

You will learn how to prioritize and not waste so much time.

  • You will get online accountability
  • coaching
  • visual progress tracking
  • small group support and structure to help you focus on your most important (yet not urgent, so you never find time for it) projects.
  • Plus many other benefits to joining.

Feel free to listen to my recent webinar that shares more details about the program. Hop on at 29 minutes if you only want the Artists in Action details.

Our next session starts on Monday 31st October and I would LOVE to have you join us! You’ll be able to purchase your session from here. Just scroll down to the pricing boxes.

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