Are you feeling the the call to discover or recover your creative heart?

If you are feeling the pull, take hold of your creative birthright and follow the impulse to create. Embrace the hunger and  become the artist you are meant to be.

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I get so excited when I hear of someone responding to their creativity. We are all creative beings – it’s just that some of us have been hiding that creativity deep inside. Are you ready now to start shining? To experience the healing and freedom that creating can bring?

Your creativity is a gift that is bursting to be shared with the world!

Following are a some tips to get you harnessing that creative power and be sure to read to the end where there’s a FREE opportunity to join an online summit that I’m a part of and that will fill you with inspiration and guide you towards overcoming your fears, doubts, and obstacles that prevent you from starting or completing your creative project.

1. Start where you are with what you have.  We all love art supplies but can often use our lack of supplies as an excuse to get started. But you don’t need much at all. Use your imagination, take what you have and start today. The most important part is that you start.

2. Be prepared for the gremlins.  They will come. Acknowledge them and move on. There will be days when you doubt your work and yourself. This is inevitable on the creative journey. Show yourself kindness and compassion. Be open and keep moving forward.

3. Embrace the emotions. Especially after a period of your creativity being shut down, neglected or repressed, you might experience a surge of unexpressed feelings, like tears, anger, frustration and resentment. Use your art to help you to release this energy. Let yourself feel all that it brings up – the joy, sadness, anger, all of it. Don’t be in a rush. Just let it pass through you onto the canvas. Keep releasing it until your creative spring runs clear again.

4. Trust Your Artistic Voice. Having people praise your work or your talent can feel good. But be careful not to rely on this. More helpful is to listen to your internal voice. When your hair stands on end, when tears fill your eyes or laughter bubbles forth, that is your heart responding!  Always make time for creating from within. Creating with curiosity and playfulness will reveal your true artistic voice.

5. Be brave. Venture into new territory. Let yourself be a beginner. Forget about being precious about your art and leave your ego at the door. Turn the fear into curiosity and be ready to play!

6. Find a community. Find a helpful teacher, a supportive community and like minded friends. You’ll become a hero not only to yourself but also to others who are learning to be true to themselves and aching for a more compassionate world.

7. Shine your light. Become an encourager of other creative hearts. Step out into the light and be a powerful and positive creativity representative wherever you are. Welcome others to their own creative journey, offering encouragement and companionship. Share your knowledge and tell your story. Show others  what it means to be brave, to be true and to be you. 

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 I hope you’re now feeling inspired to access your hidden CREATIVE POTENTIAL that is waiting to be UNLEASHED to the world!

If your answer is YES, then I invite you join me and 20+ leading creativity experts for a two weeks FREE online summit called Harness Your Creative Power, hosted by the lovely @Gunhild Lorenzen – Body, Art & Soul.

This event has a lot to offer you if you always wanted to do something creative but you never have OR If you are an artist, an author or an entrepreneur looking for deeper meaning and inspiration. The good news is it’s FREE!

Just click on the registration link below to sign up

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Starting on 16th September, here’s just a few of the topics speakers will be covering:

  • Confront and overcome fears, doubts, obstacles and blocks that prevent you from starting or completing your creative projects and entrepreneurial ventures
  • Reconnect with yourself, discover what makes you tick, and cultivate a deeper understanding of why you do the things you do.
  • Learn how to turn your inner critic from enemy to collaborator
  • Cultivating a creator’s mindset
  • Letting go of perfectionism and finding ways to express your uniqueness
  • Connecting with your inner dragon to inspire creativity
  • Creativity and emotional healing
  • And more….

Clear whatever gets in your way to creative expression at the

Harness Your Creative Power FREE Summit

Hope to see you there!

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