Welcome to my creativity coaching page where I encourage, guide and awaken your creative potential.

Are you ready to let go and let your art speak to who you truly are? To realize that you are enough? To find the courage to walk down new paths, in both your spiritual and creative life?

You are in the right place if you…

  • Have a yearning within you to express yourself creatively but don’t know where to start
  • Are looking to find meaning in your life through creativity
  • You are searching for happiness in your creative life, in place of frustration
  • You want to lead a fulfilling life centered on creating
  • You come up against inner and outer obstacles that feel like mountains

I am here to help you to think hard, feel deeply, dream big!

  • I will show you how to manifest your potential.
  • I will encourage you to step up to the plate and live a vital, authentic life.
  • I will help you manage your stress and anxiety through creative channels.
  • I will urge you on and be your cheerleader

You will break out of unhelpful patterns of thought and see things differently with new perspectives…and new possibilities.

You will connect more with your creative side, be it music, writing, art or performing. You will realize that you yourself are an artwork in progress and that all of your ideas, activities and processes are steps towards creating that masterpiece you are destined to be.

“Working with Jocelyn has been a gentle process that has yielded substantial fruit. While I began with a set of goals that focused on what I thought I SHOULD be learning — marketing — I found from her initial exercise, that selling my work was less of a priority than creating at this particular time of my life.

“Jocelyn guided gently by suggesting that I announce my daily goals to myself in the three main areas I wanted to pursue. From that point on, after I got the hang of it all, I would send her my goals each morning. Before bed, I would write again to say what I had accomplished. Thus a system of accountability was established. I have partnered with an artist friend to continue this process for each of us when my time is up with Jocelyn.

“As a result, I have produced some of the best work of my life in photography! I had the confidence to enter three pieces in a juried show that is open to all women in the US and am awaiting results.

“I would highly recommend her to other artists who are looking to move forward in their work and life and are willing to put Jocelyn’s suggestions into practice on a daily basis.

Jean Henderson


Get clarity as you talk things through. I am here to listen!

My goal is to help you achieve happiness and fulfillment by making the changes you need to make.

I am offering a free introductory call where I can answer any questions you have around coaching. Just fill in the form below and I will be in touch!

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