The thing about buried treasure is that it’s hidden. Hidden from everyone that is, except the one who is keeping it hidden. Other’s can’t see it and perhaps have no idea that it truly exists. Sometimes if the treasure has been undiscovered for a long time, the one hiding it can even forget where it is. I’ve done that enough times hiding the Easter eggs in the garden, ending up with fewer than we started with, and having no idea where I put them!

Using treasure as our metaphor, lets examine our own lives.

Do you have something wonderful hidden within you? What are your aspirations, your longings? Is it time to reveal your treasure to the world?

Or has your treasure been hidden so long that you’re not sure what you have to offer anymore?

Just for a moment, imagine our world with every hidden jewel in it’s depth, brought out into the open. What a sparkling, beautiful sight we would behold! That same beauty can be revealed when human beings expose their hidden gems. The world needs your giftings. It is calling to you to come out of hiding.

Yes, it takes courage to show our hidden selves to others but with it comes the joy of giving and sharing and blessing. And what you’ll end up doing is leading a full and affirmed life.

So don’t let fear get the better of you, which will trap your gifts inside of you and lead to a mundane life, but instead go with your curiosity and see where it leads!


Coming up on the 24th of April is 8 weeks of intensive life purpose discovery!

During the course you’ll be lead through:
– creating meaning opportunities
– upgrading your personality
– dealing with your circumstances
– naming your life purposes
– creating your life purpose statement
– creating your life purpose icon/symbol
– living your life purposes


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