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Welcome! I am trusting you have happened upon this page for good reason.

Chances are, you know you’re not doing the important stuff. You’ve tried to be consistent but haven’t succeeded and now feel demoralized at how little you’ve achieved. You need direction and action to continue along (or even just get started) on that creative path you long for.

Ok, I get it. You’re a creative thinker but struggle to implement. You’re unsure of your next steps. Perhaps held back by your fears.

You wish you could stay focused and not get distracted. You start on projects with the best of intentions but seldom complete them.

You really want to get RESULTS

Are you tired of the struggle, the procrastination? Tired of feeling unsupported and isolated?


a safe and private setting where you interact daily, reporting on your struggles and accomplishments, getting the SUPPORT OF A CREATIVITY COACH to encourage and guide you every step of the way.

If this sounds like something you have been waiting for, read on!


I am delighted to introduce you to

Artists in Action

online “get it done” accountability groups

Artists in Action is an innovative combination of accountability tools and productivity coaching designed to move you forward in achieving your creative goals. You have the option of a private 1 on 1 setting or joining others where you’ll meet creatives of all levels, in a small group environment.

You’ll develop practical strategies to keep you on track with your art making and goals, take charge of your progress, and achieve your highest level of productivity.

You will learn to take action in short, productive sessions that maximize your output and minimize frustration.

It’s not just a matter of gaining knowledge.

How many times have you had that sinking feeling that you are throwing away money on classes? You sign up but either don’t finish the class or if you do, you haven’t followed through by implementing what you’ve learnt.

With Artists in Action, we don’t just teach you how, we guide you through it.

As your coach, I’ll be right there with you as you learn to develop and maintain ideal daily creative habits, resulting in realized goals and dreams!

 End loneliness, confusion,

and lack of support

How would you like to

  • Have 24/7 access to coaching (value right there!!!)
  • Have a virtual home where you can bounce ideas and receive encouragement
  • Have a safe place to connect, where others understand the struggles you face
  • Not feel like an isolated drop in the huge sea of the internet.
  • Develop your style through daily creating
  • Enjoy focus topics geared around success strategies and putting them into action


Plus added ‘hidden’ benefits of

  • coming face to face with your resistance
  • observing your own avoidance tactics
  • being reminded daily of what’s important to you
  • the realization that you have the power to succeed


Artists in Action is for you if you answer YES to any of these:

  • you know you’re not doing the important stuff
  • you know what to do but just don’t do it
  • you have tried to be consistent but havn’t succeeded
  • you feel demoralized at how little you have achieved
  • You don’t know what to do and need focused direction and action
  • You have an unfinished project that really needs to get done
  • You have taken course after course with no result
  • You have wanted to start on a creative path for so long

No matter where you are along your artist’s journey, you will be welcomed into our community.

Depending on your goals, you will see RESULTS such as:

  • explore new avenues of your art
  • find your consistent style
  • overcome your fear of the blank canvas
  • have a stepping stone to get your work out into the world
  • build a portfolio
  • take action when it comes to marketing your work
  • finish what you started

or any other number of situations where support and accountability will play a massive part in achieving your goals, and all within a safe and non-judgmental setting.


This format and the group is supporting my goals. It feels amazing to take small, yet massive steps each day. Valerie

Take a look at Artists in Action’s features

Progress Page

The Progress Page is central to Artists in Action’s system of accountability. It helps you build and maintain a daily work habit or creative practice, by providing progress tracking, accountability and structure. Each green check mark represents a group participant who has logged in and reported on their daily progress or problems.

Daily Coaching Questions

Each day you will have a set of coaching questions to answer, a simple but powerful process that will help you overcome obstacles and achieve the clarity of purpose you need to succeed.


End the isolation! With this live chat feature, you can chat with other members of your small group or with the entire site – great for real-time discussions, tip-sharing sessions, group challenges, and more! You can also invite others to a private chat if you wish. Many enjoy planned work chats.

Coach and Peer Support

You will thrive on my coaching support and the encouragement of other group members. You will all help each other persevere and succeed, no matter how big the struggle. You can read other small group member’s responses, and offer supportive comments of your own. You will love to know that you’re not alone, that others care, and are often going through the same things as you. You will find that you’ll look forward to their support and encouragement, as you learn how to take small steps each day. Thats what being part of a close community is all about.

Discussion Forums

Special areas for you to engage in ongoing discussions either with your individual group or an optional site-wide forum.


This is a shared, easily updated space where information is stored for everyone on the site. You’ll find info, resource lists, program archives, and more.


Track your responses in an easy to read graphical format. Various graph styles are available such as bar, line and pie graphs.  You can track your own progress and the overall progress of your group. You can even check out the group’s mood on a scale of 1-10! You’ll be amazed at how much you accomplish as a member of your community!

It’s so easy to make lists, to plan, to scheme and dream, and especially to spend time substituting “learning” for “doing.” But without actually putting those plans in motion with consistent action steps, you’ll never get anywhere. Consistency has really been a struggle for me, though. There’s always so many other things that need my attention, so many other avenues to try. I was really missing the accountability and support that a program like this provides. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to up their productivity in a big way and see results. Melissa Williams-Pope, MA

Business Beginnings Coach for New Coaches

The programme gave me some real momentum and impetus to get stuff done, which was especially great given what I did was the stuff that I had been most procrastinating on! I loved the accountability and support provided by the group. It was great to know we were each working on different goals but also supporting each other to take small daily actions towards those goals. I wouldn’t have achieved anywhere near as much as I did without the programme. Jo Dodds


Join Artists in Action now and watch your dreams become reality.

Action Activator

US$97/4 week session
  • Only $3.46 per day

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Action Accelerator

US$347/Four 4-week sessions
  • Only $3.10 per day

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Action Ablaze

US$997/Twelve 4-week sessions
  • Only $2.97 per day

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a course?
No, Artists in Action is not a course. Our intention is not that you get loaded with more work, in wading through course material. In fact, if you have signed up to courses and are not following through in completing them, joining Artists in Action is a great way to catch up, chipping away at your course every day. Our main goal is to help you establish daily work habits around your creative goals, working for short periods, every day. Any coaching material, monthly focus information, tips and tools and hosted chats are all useful, but optional. The accountability part of the program, (see Progress Page above), is an important focus for everyone.
How does the Artist in Action community work?

Every day members log on to our online site to answer questions on the Progress page such as how many minutes they worked that day, what went well, and what was challenging. As your coach, I will personally respond to you with tailored support and guidance. In a group setting members are able to respond to each others comments. When someone leaves a comment, you get a quick email notification that lets you know you have a message waiting for you on the site. It’s a wonderful, interactive way of supporting each other at any time of day or night, no matter where in the world you live.

What are sessions?

A session is a 4 week period that you sign up for. Multiple 4 week sessions are available for purchase at a reduced fee.

What if I'm too busy?

At Artists in Action, we emphasize the importance of working in short bursts. You will learn to manage your time better and make headway on your important long-term projects. Studies have proved that those who set aside just 10-15 minutes per day to achieving their goals, make more progress in the long run than those who wait for big chunks of time.

You may be interested to discover that what drives the lack of time is often not actually being too busy, but procrastination and fear. We tend to stay too busy when we are afraid to tackle, and achieve our biggest dreams. For most people, when they commit to creating regularly and reporting about it daily, they realize whats really important to them and are able to focus on who they are as an artist.

Your participation on the site should be focused and efficient and not ever feel like a burden. You should only need to spend 5-10 minutes per day to interact in the community.

What happens if I miss a few days?

Artists in Action cares about your progress. You will be missed if we see an absence of check marks on your progress log. However we don’t believe in heaping guilt onto our precious members. We encourage you to report in even if you did nothing to get closer to your goals. Your group will be there to cheer you on each day; when it went well, when it was a struggle, and even on the days when you didn’t manage a thing.

Our accountability system is also a great way to discover what keeps holding you back and what your best ways of moving forward are.

Here’s my Question for you

Are you ready to do what’s important?

Are you ready to start taking your art seriously?

Or to start on the creative road you have always wanted to?

Are you ready to step into living the life you were created for?

To explore what gems of talent hide within you?

To share your creativity with the world?

To make a difference?

To get it done?

“I often get started with a goal feeling strong but unfortunately, my energy and commitment usually wane. Since joining this program two months ago, I’ve accomplished more than I ever expected. Documenting our daily progress each day as well as the encouragement from the coach and group members were key to keeping me engaged. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs to complete important tasks that otherwise they tend to procrastinate doing.” Kelly Beischel

President and CEO, Dr. B. Presents

Now is the time to take action and step into your purpose

Action Activator

US$97/4 week session
  • Only $3.46 per day

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Action Accelerator

US$347/Four 4-week sessions
  • Only $3.10 per day

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Action Ablaze

US$997/Twelve 4-week sessions
  • Only $2.97 per day

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I cant tell you how excited I am to keep this streak going. I’ve struggled for so long just to get started. Feel like a big weight has been lifted off my back. Thanks for the encouragement and great ideas!

Mark Dunst


How Artists in Action is different

Artists in Action is not just another accountability program. You may have tried other programs that didn’t work but with Artists in Action you have the individualized attention and support of your coach for as long as you are a member. If you choose to join a group together with other creatives, you’ll also have the encouragement of your peers to cheer you on. You will never be left to struggle on your own. You need accountability – You need it broken into small doable steps – You need a community that supports you. You’ll get all that at Artists in Action.

We know that the movin’ & shakin’ doesn’t happen when you’re on your own. Thats why we offer you a positive, supportive environment where you have a progress tracking system at your finger tips, where you’ll learn success strategies and put them into use, and where you’ll gain new habits of creative productivity.


Where will you be in 3 months?

6 months?

1 year?

Ponder this: In a matter of months you could have…

    • Implemented a daily creative practice

    • Overcome your fear and resistance

    • built yourself a website

    • Started selling your art

  • …Or you could be where you are right now. ­Thinking about what you want to achieve but being nowhere closer to making it happen.

    Isn’t it time you started moving towards your dreams?

Take action now and choose from one of the packages below.

Action Activator

US$97/4 week session
  • Only $3.46 per day

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Action Accelerator

US$347/Four 4-week sessions
  • Only $3.10 per day

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Action Ablaze

US$997/Twelve 4-week sessions
  • Only $2.97 per day

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Don't Be Shy

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