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Welcome to Newcreationz

Do you have a creative vision but struggle with knowing where to start? Does the fear of not doing it right hold you back? Do you need a focus, instead of those thousand and one ideas whirling around in your head?

Welcome! My name is Jocelyn Friis and I am here to open the doors to your creative life. To help you overcome your challenges and move you forward to a fulfilling and purposeful life!

Whether you are tentatively dipping your toes into creative waters, a new arts graduate wondering if you have what it takes, or a seasoned professional needing some accountability whilst working towards your creative goals, I can offer you support and guidance, taking out the overwhelm so that you can get on with doing what you were put on this earth to do!

I’d love to accompany you on your adventure, so browse around my virtual studio to get to know me and be sure to get in touch!

Reach happiness and fulfillment – the creative way.

Wondering if a creativity coach is for you?

If you need help bringing your creative vision to life,
battle with confidence issues,
confused about your purpose,
want to make progress but can’t find the momentum,
or any other challenge that is stopping you from moving forward
with joy and excitement,
why not get in touch?

You can contact me below with any questions

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